My Story

Pamela Gadson, RN, is a Registered Nurse, Usui Reiki Master, Access Bars Practitioner, Energy Healer Practitioner, Reflexologist, Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Crystal healing, and Aromatherapist in the Metro Atlanta area.  


Back in my late twenties, I started studying energy work. I purchased a program called healing touch. I started reading the book and began practicing energy healing on myself. I started using the techniques on my sister Pauline. She was always willing to try out new things. It was unique to us how the energy moves through our body. One day my brother Sam agreed to let me work on him. As he felt the energy moving over him, he became uncomfortable. He was looking around and asking, what are you doing? I explained that I was running energy through the body to open any stiffness or weak blockage, causing him discomfort. He said, " Okay, that is enough." He was feeling uncomfortable. So, I stopped the session.

After a month or more, I searched for more healing modalities. So, I would go to bookstores and buy books on energy healing, herbs, yoga, etc. Being a nurse, I knew I had a passion for helping people to heal. As the years went on, I started focusing more on my nursing career. So, I got off my Holistic path for a while. 

Back in the early nineties, I became sick. I was constantly feeling tired, sluggish and it felt like some days and nights I had no energy. I would go to my doctor, and my blood pressure would be up. He would add a new BP medication. He told me that I probably should change my night shift and start working the day shift. I asked him to give me an excuse to be out of work for one month to rest and bring my energy level up. He refuses to write me a work excuse. I would go to work, and some night my blood pressure would spike up, and I would have these butterflies running through my body. One night the supervisor took me in a wheelchair to the emergency room. The doctor gave me a dose of clonidine to help lower my BP and sent me home and rest. As time went on, I was not getting any better. So, I stopped taking some of my doctor's new BP medication. Awareness came to me after talking with my aunt Dorothy, who uses herbs to heal herself.

One day, I told my manager at work that I would resign and stay out of work until I could find out what was going on with my body. She told me not to quit. Just take off all the time I need and call them when I am ready to come back to work. So I took off a month from work. I started searching for what could be causing me to be exhausted all the time. I went to an endocrinologist to see if I had any problems with my adrenal glands. He did a 24-hour urine test. It was negative. He explained to me that I could be having endogenous stress. Stress is felt in the body but cannot see it outside the body. 

I had an herb book called Back to Eden. I started using some of the herbs from the text to help with my symptoms. Finally, I began to feel better, but I was still moving and walking slow. I was afraid to go out in public or to the doctor's office because it seemed like everybody was moving faster than me. I felt like I could not keep up with others. I was left behind everywhere I went.

Every day I would be searching for new herbs to help me. Then I came across Cayenne pepper. It was the catalyst to help the other herbal supplements. That day was a miracle for me. After taking the Cayenne pepper, my body became lighter, and I started walking without feeling like someone was holding me down. I called my mom and told her I could walk now and feel better. I had so much gratitude that day. I continue to read self-help books and become more conscious about health and wellness from then on.